As an experienced CTO, I know how challenging yet exhilarating the business journey can be. The long nights coding, the race to launch, the talent hunts - I've been there! 

Now I'm offering my insider expertise to founders & businesses through tailored one-on-one consultations. If you're blocked by a technical roadblock or need an expert review of your systems and code, I can provide skilled guidance and advice.

Here's how it works:

First, send me an overview of your top concerns and questions. I'll review your needs and customize a 1-hour consultation plan to address them.

After an initial discussion, we'll sign an NDA for privacy then I'll conduct an in-depth examination of your team, processes, infrastructure, workflows and codebase. I want a comprehensive view of your startup's technical position. 

I'll then summarize my findings and recommendations in a follow-up session. If beneficial, I'm happy to continue assisting your startup with my know-how. 

My goal is to share hard-won insights that empower your success. Areas I can provide strategic counsel in include:

- Tackling technical debt 
- Scaling engineering teams
- Boosting development velocity
- Structuring effective processes  
- Crafting product roadmaps
- Securing systems and data
- Mentoring your technical talent
- Managing vendor relationships 
- And more!

With over a decade of experience building and advising startups, I've encountered most common pitfalls. Whether you need advice on how to improve performance, insight into best practices, or just a seasoned second opinion - let's talk.

My commitment is to provide honest, pragmatic and actionable guidance that allows your startup to reach new heights. Reach out if you need a technical mastermind in your corner!