Turning your big idea into a real product takes vision, passion and know-how. You’ve got the vision covered, but bringing the right technical expertise and leadership onboard can be tricky. That’s where an Aussie tech expert like myself can help steer your product from concept to creation.

As a Fractional CTO, I partner with savvy founders and provide the strategic technical guidance needed to build, launch and scale winning products efficiently. With over a decade's experience leading development at fast-growing startups, I bring battle-hardened skills to the table.

Rather than charge an arm and a leg, I offer my services on a flexible, part-time basis. This makes top-notch technical leadership accessible for smart founders on a budget.

Here’s how I can inject tech magic into your startup as your Fractional CTO:

Initial Consultation - Let's chat about your big idea!

I'll meet with you for an in-depth discussion to learn more about your product vision, business goals, target market, timeline and budget. This consultation allows me to fully understand your objectives and constraints so I can tailor my CTO services to your specific needs. We'll dig into your tech requirements, explore potential solutions, and address any early concerns. I'll provide tailored advice on the best path forward.

Development Review & Audit - Let's inspect what you've built so far

Once onboard, I'll thoroughly assess your current tech stack, architecture, workflows and codebase to identify any gaps, risks or issues. This involves hands-on code reviews, product demos, discussions with your team, and analysis of your documentation. I can provide an objective outside perspective on what's working well and where there's room for improvement. My findings will be summarised in a detailed audit report.

Corrective Action Plan - Let's upgrade development practices for optimal delivery

If any pressing issues emerge from the audit, such as substandard code quality, misalignment with product requirements, or flawed architectures, I'll work closely with you and your developers to address these promptly. This may involve rewriting portions of code, restructuring workflows, implementing testing, refactoring databases or other solutions. I'll draw up a corrective action plan tailored to your needs.

Ongoing Communication Management - Let me be your tech translator

All interactions between you and developers will flow through me. I'll facilitate all requirements gathering, planning discussions, status updates, and other communications. This ensures your product vision is conveyed correctly to the team and no details are lost in translation. It also enables me to catch any misalignment early.

Significant Cost Savings - Let me optimise your development spend

With my oversight, your product will be built faster, cheaper and better aligned to your commercial goals. As an experienced CTO, I can prevent unnecessary work, double-handling, scope creep, and other inefficiencies. I'll also keep your team focused on high-value tasks that move the needle. Conscientious management of development resources can result in considerable savings.

Strategic Leadership - Let me be your startup's tech visionary

I’ll work closely with you to map out a technology roadmap tailored to your commercial objectives and user needs. As your Fractional CTO, I'll continuously evaluate emerging technologies and advise you on how these can be leveraged to give you a competitive edge. I'll also foster a culture of innovation and quality amongst your developers.

Knowledge Transfer - Let me help build your in-house capabilities

If the end goal is to bring technical leadership fully in-house, I'm happy to coach and upskill a capable developer on your team to take on the CTO role long-term. We can also document processes, guidelines and other IP to embed our way of working within your startup's culture.

Ongoing Support - Let me be your trusted tech advisor

I can continue providing ongoing CTO support at a fractional level even after we implemented all recommended improvements and processes. This ensures you still benefit from my expertise and advice as challenges emerge while pursuing product-market fit and scaling.

Interested in leveraging my decade of experience to fast-track your product success? Let's grab a coffee and chat about how I can inject tech magic into your startup! I'm confident I can guide your product from concept to launch and beyond.

Unleash the Power of Data - Let me be your Fractional Chief Data Officer

In addition to technical leadership, I can also help you tap into the power of data to gain key insights and competitive advantage.

As your Fractional Chief Data Officer, I'll develop a tailored data strategy aligned with your business goals. This includes architecting the data pipelines, analytics systems and models required to get the right data in the right shape at the right time.

My goal is to make your whole organization data-driven. I'll build self-serve dashboards and analytics tools that make data accessible to non-technical teams. This empowers your sales, marketing and product teams to gain data-backed insights and make smarter decisions.

For your core product, I can design and develop analytics features that uncover compelling insights from your user data. These could provide a 360-degree view of your customers, reveal trends and patterns in usage, forecast churn risk or other critical metrics.

I leverage best-of-breed data technologies like Spark, Kafka, Airflow, Snowflake, Looker, dbt and more to create robust analytics foundations. My data platforms are engineered for scale, enabling you to easily expand analytics capabilities as your product and data volumes grow.

If generating value from your data is a priority, let's explore how my skills as a Fractional Chief Data Officer can fast-track your analytics success. I'm ready to help you become truly data-driven.